Very sad to learn about the passing of Don Herbert, most famously known as Mr. Wizard. He died yesterday at the age of 89. He was part Mr. Rogers, part Dick Van Dyke, all legend. He was a WWII bomber pilot, Peabody Award recipient, and host of the longest-running show on Nickelodeon, Mr. Wizard's World, an amped-up version of earlier incarnations of his show. When I was left to my own devices in the 80s, I plugged myself in to Nickelodeon. I loved watching Mr. Wizard welcome such pleasant, sweater-vested understudies into his homey, duplex-next-door laboratories--here was an adult who was brilliant and patient and wasn't going to grade you on your attempts to shadowbox with the world of physical science! He taught me how to crush a gallon can, electrocute a hot dog, boil water with ice, make spaghetti dance, pour water along string, create a homemade volcano, find my pulse, and make a rainbow. He was my babysitter and he was my Abbie Hoffman. Thank you, Mr. Wizard.