Today's Word Wrap keeps on with our tradition of bringing you the hippest, most happening new words and phrases being coined, as they're coined... well, okay, with at least a 5-second delay.

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  • password fatigue n. Mental exhaustion and frustration caused by having to remember a large number of passwords. (Citations)
  • Streisand effect n. The widespread dissemination of information caused by an attempt to suppress that information. Also: Barbra Streisand effect. (Citations)
  • exergaming n. An activity that combines exercise with video game play. —adj. Also: exer-gaming. —exergame n. —exergamer n. (Citations)
  • microblogging pp. Posting short thoughts and ideas to a personal blog, particularly by using instant messaging software or a cell phone. Also: micro-blogging. —microblog v., n. —microblogger n. (Citations)
  • bullycide n. The suicide of a child that occurs after that child has been bullied or harassed. (Citations)
  • hypermiler n. A person who attempts to maximize gas mileage by using driving techniques that conserve fuel. —hypermiling pp. —hypermile adj (Citations)
  • eco-anxiety n. Worry or agitation caused by concerns about the present and future state of the environment. (Citations)
  • ecosexual n. A single, environmentally conscious person with a strong aesthetic sense. Also: eco-sexual. —ecosexuality n. (Citations)