Friday Potpourri


Like the water pressure in a cheap motel's shower, my posting frequency has been weak. Rather than discuss the side projects that have monopolized my time, I will instead offer up some links for the weekend. Sorry I couldn't get to these earlier and in more depth.

"¢ Germans love David Hasselhoff, and Albanians love George Bush.

An eye for an iBook: Angry about Google Book Search, a publishing exec steals two Google laptops. (They probably weren't iBooks. But "an eye for a Dell" wouldn't make sense.)

"¢ Two posts that look back at the best and worst season finales (here and here). Can anyone confirm what happens in the last ALF?

"¢ From Chris Bucholz of The 13 Most Ridiculous TV Shows to Ever Get Green-Lit.

"¢ And finally, there's been an unexpectedly massive response to the count-my-change competition. Over 300 guesses. A few people requested additional photos, for perspective's sake -- here you go. Tomorrow's the big day. I'll email the winners. Have good weekends, everybody.