Aside from sexuality-altering Teletubbies and questionable role models like Joe Camel, there are few more effective ways of messing with our kids' minds than through bedtime stories. (Remember Why Mommy is a Democrat and Help! Mom! There's a Liberal Under My Bed!? If not, reminisce with this post from last November.) As with many things, however, it seems in this department too the Russians have us beat. Witness this book, published in the 90s and marketed to parents of misbehaving kids. Here are a few juicy excerpts, scanned and loosely translated by our comrades at Englishrussia:
"You haven't cleaned up your room? Then ugly monks will come to take you soon."

Translation's pretty rough here, but the picture says it all: "If you cry each time, prepare to melt from the tears like a piece of sugar."

2.jpg"If you plan not to listen to your father, wild black cats will scratch your brother."

51.jpg"If you play during your meal each time, then you should know that spider will come."

7.jpg"You like to fight with your fellow-friends? Then you'll be bitten by different snakes!"

6.jpg"If you are greedy and don't share balls, probably you would be eaten by wolves."