This is an emissions-free, human powered forklift, made by green-forward Soceadth. Sometimes those spinning classes are just too much, right? Sometimes one needs to see those joules of energy really produce! This wondrous Japanese invention will set you back about $1615, but still better than a real, new one (they hover around the $20k range), but you can get a used one for $3k! When you finally have your dream lift (and you're certified, of course), then you can wear those "Have You Hugged a Forklift Operator Today?" stickers. Once you've been properly misunderstood, you can take out your aggression & demonstrate your passion for all things fork and lifting-related at one of the various forklift rodeos across our great land. Expect events such as the ones at the Utah Manufacturers' Associations first forklift rodeo: "safety inspection, a zigzag course, an obstacle course and a trailer loading and unloading event."