My Pet Hippo

Mangesh Hattikudur

I'm such a sucker for stories like this. Maybe it's because my grandpop was a Chief of forestry in India, and kept an abandoned bear cub in his house for a few months when my mom was a child; or perhaps it's because I read Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals a few too many times as a kid, but I love ridiculous stories of people keeping big game as pets. The Daily Telegraph has this lovely story of Jessica the hippopotamus, who lives with some rangers in South Africa. Apparently, she washed up very ill on some banks near their house (weighing a scant 35lbs at the time), and they've nursed her back to health. In fact, she looks very healthy in the pics below. In addition to drinking coffee every day, and loving to snuggle up with their dog, the hippo enjoys frolicking in mud and then joining the couple in bed (to date, she's apparently broken three bed frames!). In any case, you can read all about the her exploits here. Link via the always terrific TheCellar.

hippopet4.jpg /

Note: the hippopotamus should in no way be confused with the terrific hip-hoppopotamus, located here.


Note 2: Oops! While doing a bit of editing, I accidentally posted this under Jason's name... I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a grandfather in India. That said, be sure to check out his great sports disease post below.