Minimum Required Office Supplies

Chris Higgins

I recently spent a week at the Oregon coast, sitting in front of a laptop, working on a book. In the middle of the first day, I realized I was missing a critical office supply -- my Swingline stapler -- and I really needed to staple some print-outs together. The only stapler available in the remote coastal town was a pathetic plastic mini-stapler which could only handle ten sheets at a time. This got me thinking: what's my minimum required set of office supplies to do meaningful work? If I was stranded on a desert island with some writing to do, what would I need?

I believe that in order to write a book, I need: a laptop, a laser printer (double-sided printing preferred), 8.5"x11" printer paper, a stapler, a decent pen (I like the gel pens), a decent chair to sit in, and a flat surface. I have tried writing without the printer and paper, but I just don't notice the same things reading from the screen that I do reading paper.

What's your minimum required set of office supplies?