The Jedi of Lifeblogging


One would be Gordon Bell, a Microsoft research scientist who's been doing a darn good job at living a relentlessly documented, paperless life. He's been deemed the guinea pig for the MS lifeblogging project, MyLifeBits. The Bits software enables users to save every email, IM transcript, phone call, a new jpg every 30 seconds--basically all your lovely ephemera; as ars technica explains:

Bell generates 1GB of data each month, and says that having a computer store this much information frees his mind for other things. "It gives you kind of a feeling of cleanliness," he says. "I can offload my memory. I feel much freer about remembering something now. I've got this machine, this slave, that does it.

Do you consider yourself a lifeblogger? If not, what kind of an archivist are you? I just read Alison Bechdel's intrepid Fun House, and feel inspired by her diligence in documenting & the ensuing pay-off. My friend saved all his receipts for a year and then used them as a backdrop for a giant painting. Another takes a picture of herself everyday at 3 p.m. How do you document your life?