Viral meme your friends already know about #142: Teen Girl Squad

Ransom Riggs

Wacky, immature, postpostmodern Gen-X silliness -- or genius? Either way, Teen Girl Squad, a flash cartoon within the world flash cartoon Homestar Runner, usually succeeds in making me pee my pants laughing. To truly appreciate it, you need to know a little about its parent cartoon (the aforementioned Homestar), which co-stars a strange, angry little man in an absurdly large Mexican wrestling mask named Strong Bad. When Strong Bad isn't checking his email or playing tricks on Homestar's titular hero, he's hand-drawing a crude cartoon of his own called Teen Girl Squad. The trouble with Squad -- and 90% of the humor -- comes from the fact that Strong Bad isn't much of a storyteller, and as such his narratives are filled with bizarre, inexplicably violent plot twists, and that he voices all of Squad's four female protagonists, which is about the closest he gets to actual contact with real females on a regular basis. Here's a typical episode:

Teen Girl Squad #4

Teen Girl Squad #2

Teen Girl Squad #5