No Tuesday Turnip today folks, sorry; I'm still Internet-less here on jury duty. So here's a little juror pop-quiz for you to fill the void:

1) How many jurors must agree in order to reach a verdict in a civil case?
2) How many jurors must agree in a criminal case?
3) Every citizen has the responsibility and civic obligation to serve on jury duty except"¦.?
4) The law allows the judges to excuse a juror if anything in his/her background indicates that he/she may not be able to be impartial. This is called a _______ challenge.
5) Which one of the following is not considered evidence in a trial:

a) A testimony from a witness
b) A piece of clothing
c) A photo
d) A statement by an attorney
e) A fingerprint
f) a and d
g) a, d and e

Answers after the jump...

1) 9 out of 12
2) unanimous
3) Peace Officers
4) cause challenge
5) d