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The Chicago Tribune Likes Us!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Apparently, our little print magazine made it into the Trib's 50 Favorite Magazines list. Woo-hoo! And sure, while we're happy about the ranking, the real reason we've been doing backflips is that this makes our job infinitely easier. Up until now, we were still debating whether or not to put the paper on our yearly list of Top 30 Favorite Chicago-based Newspapers, but after seeing this poll, they're definitely making the cut! (Sorry, Windy City Community News and Stuff.) Of course, there is a little cloud to this silver lining. While we love the fact that they like us, we're a little concerned that they also like Us, as in the magazine. Oh well, I'm sure in time we'll learn to forgive.
Thanks for the article tip, Toby.