How to Find Four-Leaf Clovers

Chris Higgins

It's a lovely summer day -- what are you doing inside, reading a blog? Probably the same thing I'm doing, writing one. Well, next time you go out, consult Falaco Soliton's guide to finding four-leaf clovers. The article has photos of various clover mutations, and includes instructions on preserving your lucky clovers (see the bottom of the page for an amazing poster showing Soliton's collection). From the article:

Last summer i put this skill to the test: i found 166 4-leaf clovers, 11 5-leaf, and 2 3.5 leafs. After mounting these, i found one patch while mowing the lawn containing multiple 7 and 8 leaf clovers, as well as a 10 leaf.

Link via the always amazing Anarchaia.