Over the years, a significant portion of my friends have been helpless to resist the charms of New Zealand. The ones who returned only did so due to capitalist obligations from which they could not be released. But! It was still within their power to spread the Zealand pollen stateside, and a watchful tourist's LCD seems to be an encounter with the Maori people--specifically, Maori healers who invoke a technique called Te Oomai Reia. From what I've read, it appears similar to Reiki (the transfer of energy) and Rolfing (the fascia releasing blocked energy & memories, how sobbing is likely), but people I know who've experienced a Maori healing say it verges on exorcism. As in, you might want to bring an EMF field tester and an infrared camera with you. A popular Maori healing site concurs--the blockages will be extricated; their method draws from "bush medicine" designed "for healing and removal of negative entities from a person's energy" via restoring cellular memory to its original, harmonious state. The process will employ the healer's hands, elbows, and feet in movements that include "soothing, stroking, kneading, friction, vibration, tapping and pouncing." Pouncing. Well, I'll have to say I'd be game. I've been riveted by Maori culture ever since the excellent '94 film, Once Were Warriors. Has anyone ever experienced a Maori healing?