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If Prokofiev wrote death metal

Ransom Riggs

There have been some great modern reinterpretations of classical music over the years -- I'm sure David could chime in here with some pertinent examples, but Wendy Carlos' Mooged-out versions of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, famously featured in A Clockwork Orange come to mind -- but until recently, none of them were performed by friends of mine. He goes by many aliases, but his fans call him Dr. Zoltan Obelisk, and his most recent musical offering is Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev's "Sonata No. 8," played in a hardcore/death metal style. I find this pretty hypnotizing, and all the more impressive when you compare it to someone actually playing a bit of the sonata (after the jump). (Try to ignore the odd message to the right of Prokofiev's picture; it's difficult to parse in a short space.) In any case -- thoughts? Reactions? Rock 'n' roll?

And an excerpt from the original: