Obligatory iPhone Post


Well, I've got an iPhone. I was going to write this blog post on it, but then I decided it was crazy enough spending three hours in line -- I don't need to spend another three hunting and pecking. Overall the experience of getting the phone was all right -- it was the first time I've waited in line like that for a new product, and it was "only" from 4pm - 7pm (when the fifty people ahead of me had finally gone through and bought theirs). I waited at an AT&T store, and managed to get the last 8GB model they had (actually, fellow line-waiter and Portland blogger Mary Wheeler snagged it for me, as her sales person had it in-hand at the moment we both walked in). The thirty people behind us had to settle for 4GB units, I suppose.

I'm sure there'll be fourteen million iPhone reviews on the web tomorrow (or heck, right now), so I won't bore you with that. Instead, I'll treat you to a blurry picture of what the Mental Floss web site looks like on the iPhone -- quite nice, actually! It's impossible to see from the photo, but the text is very legible, and of course turning the phone sideways gives you more horizontal real estate.

And here's some launch-day trivia for you: San Francisco and New York Apple Stores have not sold out yet, two sites have already taken it apart (here's the second), a gallery of iPhone lines around the country, iPhone is now available for sale online (with a two-four week wait), and the strangest bit of iPhone news: Philadelphia mayor John F. Street camped out for an iPhone and garnered a lot of media attention for it.