Coinage contest

David K. Israel

You've waited long enough! Here are my top 3 winners in the coin-a-word contest from a couple weeks ago (in no particular order):

Amy gave us a new word I've seen once or twice before, but it's still not in the dictionary, so I think it should be: Singalongable: adj, a songs ease of other people singing along with it. Ex: the Killers last album, Hot Fuss, was much more singalongable than their new one, Sam's Town. Anad smartly came up with: choi-xi-ety (choy-ZIE-ety) noun. 1. Anxiety or apprehension that results from having too many choices. Ex: After spending weeks researching her new laptop purchase, Stella realized she was immobilized by choixiety. And thanks to Terry for the dazzlingly new: Netonym "“ acronyms based on popular internet slang - ex. ROTFLMAO, LOL

I'll definitely send these over to and we'll see what, if anything, transpires.

Meanwhile, tune in after the holiday for some fascinating trivia about Max Factor, who coined the word makeup. Happy and safe 4th to all"¦