As my byline suggests, I am an intern here at mental_floss. I spent a good part of my school year seeking out a summer internship that would be fun, educational and wouldn't involve too much coffee brewing. I'm glad I landed here, since others aren't so lucky. For example, take the unfortunate intern at Mentos. University of Cincinnati student Trevor, an intern for Mentos, spends his day in front of a camera, doing whatever visitors write on his online schedule. His tasks range from inviting people to a party to drawing a picture. As I write he appears to be stretching or break dancing or going spastic- hard to tell. I'm not sure how solid an advertising gimmick this is; at least I don't want to eat Mentos, at most I want to run into their offices and free Jared. For now, though, I'll just schedule in "know that I sympathize with you" for him sometime tomorrow.