If you're feeling an urge to regress--past latency, even!--perhaps you should consider a system called BabyPlus, where you can hear what babies hear during varying stages of development. And once the womb-world crossover is complete, this "Authentic Prenatal Sound Teddy Bear" will give babies more of what they were used to hearing in utero. So as not to foster an addiction to bygone, prenatal days, the bear also produces "five other five other soothing sounds, including white noise, lullaby, ocean, car ride, and heartbeat." If the child isn't having teddy bears, there's Baby's Vacuum Cleaner CD--"73 minutes of Soothing Vacuum Cleaner Sound"! Equipping ordinary gadgets with the capacity to produce soothing sounds is nothing new--alarm clocks that will wake you up with rainfall or "night forest," "Audio Sleep Mattresses," et al. As a child, the most soporific sounds to me could be detected from within the din of the euchre game going on in my parent's kitchen. Then it was the noise from the garbage trucks on Third Avenue. Now I guess I'll go with cicadas, if they're in stock. If not, I'll take crickets. Do you remember enjoying a particular calming noise as a child, and has that preference changed?