Small, apparently, is in. That would explain the phenomenal popularity of the Mini Cooper, the space-conscious offerings at Ikea and Mp3 players that are easier to lose track of than a pair of earrings. So it was only a matter of time before small became cool in the housing market, too. How small can you get? Try the 77-square-foot Micro-Compact Home on for size. It may be smaller than some SUVs, but it ingeniously fits the living amenities you'd find in most tiny Japanese apartments, state-of-the-art sound system and flatscreen TV included.

One of the more eye-catching of the tiny pre-fabs is the Sustain miniHOME, which boasts super modern design, incredible air flow and an ultra-green philosophy, all while being no bigger than your average mobile home (and just as portable).218437553_fbb21e7e6a_o.jpg
Coolest of all, perhaps, is the Loftcube, which as its name implies, can be installed on the rooftop of an existing building. Its $136,000 pricetag makes it one of the cheapest living options in the big city ... if you can get permission to build on the roof, that is.loftcube3.jpg
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