Friday Happy Hour (formerly 'Show Off Your Smarts!')

Jason English

Back in November, a reader named Allison left this comment under one of Will's early 'Show Off Your Smarts!' posts: "I love this feature! It's like being at a party where EVERYONE is interesting, and I get the feeling that I can join the conversation too."

So in that spirit, we're renaming this feature "Friday Happy Hour." Like before, I'll throw out a broad topic to get us started. But don't let that restrict you. If you read or heard or know something other virtual partygoers will find intriguing, bring it on. I tend to find parties with strict rules off-putting.

Today's initial topic is computer lore. Did you know that Apple originally trademarked the iPod name for a public internet kiosk, a project that never materialized? That Microsoft paid the Rolling Stones $12 million to use "Start Me Up" for the Windows 95 launch? That in 1976, the Apple I was launched with a suggested retail price of $666? I'm going to get a drink; talk amongst yourselves. Since it's barely 1pm in my home time zone, that drink will likely be a Diet Barq's Root Beer. I'm wild.

And remember, feel free to change the subject. It's a party, not a test.