Bear Naked

Mangesh Hattikudur

Our friends and The Morning News have done a lovely interview with Kent Rogowski, an artist who's taken a bunch of thrift store teddy bears, gutted them, then photographed them inside out. The images are uniquely strange, and kind of mesmerizing. I've posted some pics and a clip from the interview here, but you can see more of the interview and images at TheMorningNews. Link via Boingboing.

"What I find most interesting is the different ways that adults and children look at the images. I think adults are much more likely to find the work disturbing or threatening because of the meaning that they place onto the teddy bear. To them the gesture of turning a teddy bear inside-out is confrontational, and cannot be separated from the images. Children look at the bears and see something strange but ultimately still cute, funny, and approachable"¦"

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