A Video Tribute to Video Hockey

Jason English

We'll start with a commercial for Activision Ice Hockey, for the Atari 2600. Phil Hartman delivers a killer performance. After seeing this clip over at Yahoo! Games, I was compelled to find other memorable hockey video games. I can't explain why. Perhaps because it's a miserable 94 degrees out, making me long for winter sports. And delirious.

A short but sweet Nintendo Ice Hockey reenactment of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice." If that leaves you wanting more, visit the NES Player Ice Hockey Shrine, which features the incredible theme song.

The evolution continues with Nintendo's Blades of Steel. I hadn't thought of this game in fifteen years, but the subtle sounds brought me right back.

Quick warning: this last one is full of language not suitable for work. It's the classic NHL '93 scene from Swingers.

That was fun. Makes me hope a new Wii NHL Hockey game is on the horizon.