The Sun Also Rises on a House Full of Cats


If you haven't heard--or didn't read when we first reported--"about 50" cats live in Ernest Hemingway's former Key West home. Papa's cats are special--all descendants of a cat named Snow White he was gifted in 1935, they each have the "sixth toe gene" and they've now also successfully dodged the law; though it's illegal in Key West to have more than four cats per household, city officials stepped in to exempt the house from such a regulation.

The new ordinance reads in part, "The cats reside on the property just as the cats did in the time of Hemingway himself. They are not on exhibition in the manner of circus animals. ... The City Commission finds that family of polydactyl Hemingway cats are indeed animals of historic, social and tourism significance."

Congrats, cats! I wonder if I can view the six-toed commune on Google Earth...