Predators and Pray?

Mangesh Hattikudur

If you're looking to put a little Jesus in your paintball routine, make sure to visit Wisconsin's Promised Land, the nation's largest Christian paintball park. Being neither a Christian, nor a Bible scholar, I was a little shocked by the idea, but apparently the facilities are going over incredibly well with pastors, youth group leaders and gun-savvy believers in the region. I guess it makes sense. Apparently, all warfare begins with a group prayer, curses aren't allowed (no matter where you get shot), and all of the paintballs are emblazoned with Christian fish symbols. And while I have no reason to scoff at the idea (seems like it could be an effective bonding exercise), some of the players' speculations on Jesus' strength as a paintball player did make me grin. Particularly this one, from Ohio player Dan Skinner:

"The Bible talks about Jesus wrestling with his disciples... I believe if he played paintball he would play just like anyone else. He wouldn't use his divine power to win, because that would be cheating."

Indeed. Click here to read more, via the always great Neatorama.