Who says the real estate market is cooling off? Just this week in Beverly Hills (predictably, perhaps), the highest asking price ever was set for a home newly on the market -- formerly the LA residence of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst (that's right, Citizen Kane himself). Boasting 29 bedrooms, three swimming pools, tennis courts, its own movie theater and a nightclub, the six acre estate is going for $165 million. It joins the upper echelon of an elite club of uber-expensive homes around the world, including Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar's ranch compound in Aspen, going for $135 million (no takers yet).

updown court.jpgFormerly in first place is the never-lived-in English estate Updown Court ($139 million), just down the street from Windsor Castle and featuring such amenities as a heated marble driveway and an indoor bowling alley. (These all sound like great locations for a reenactment of The Shining, if you ask me.)

trump.jpgAt number four, going for a mere $125 million, is Donald Trump's latest investment. It's a ritzy Palm Beach, Florida palace whimsically named "Maison de L'Amitie," and in addition to the usual luxuries (conservatory, 100-foot swimming pool), claims an astounding 475 feet of private beachfront.

Easily the world's most expensive apartment, Manhattan's Pierre Hotel penthouse has 20-foot-high French doors, a ballroom, a wine cellar, a black marble staircase and a paneled library. (My apartment has a patio ...) Asking price: $70 mil.penthouse.jpg