"Keytar" is just about my favorite portmanteau (shout-out to "cybernetics" and "ginormous"--which i must also welcome to the dictionary). The keytar's existence is credited to composer and guitarist Steve Masakowski, and the inaugural keytar, Moog Liberation, was released in 1980. After it gained exposure thanks to bands like Devo, Flock of Seagulls, Poison, and Van Halen, it was semi-superannuated. But keytars could be making a comeback. A friend of mine who wants to bring keytars back recently purchased one--used, mainly because Yamaha has long since passed the torch--but despite a manufacturing hiatus, you can now buy new, though modified, keytars here. Shania Twain rocks one in her band, as do Marilyn Manson and Le Tigre (now that would be an interesting concert line-up). Anybody out there sitting on this very special kind of 'tar?