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Friday (the 13th) Happy Hour

Jason English

Since it's Friday the 13th, today's secret ingredient is fear. If you're afraid of this particular date, you're suffering from Paraskavedekatriaphobia. We'll help you through it. Maybe you're afraid of being tickled by feathers, and have Pteronophobia. If this already has you uncomfortable, perhaps you've got a case of Sesquipedalophobia "“ fear of long words.

Fear is the jumping off point for this edition of Friday Happy Hour. Give us your obscure phobias, horror movie trivia, fancy facts about Halloween "“ whatever you've got. Go ahead and mingle. If Potophobia is what ails you, please don't let the adult beverage overtones keep you from participating (Potophobia is the fear of alcohol). Though people with Phobophobia "“ fear of phobias "“ may have a difficult time with this.

[Phobias courtesy of The Phobia List.]