What to Do With a Borrowed Cat?


So my bandmates recently adopted a pair of cats -- mother and daughter (the latter a youngish kitten). The kitten needs to be weaned, but didn't seem to be doing it on her own -- so I'm borrowing the mother (Emma) for a week or so in order to force the issue.

I haven't had a cat since I was a teenager. I always had a cat when I was growing up, and loved them, but in my nascent adulthood have generally shirked responsibility for things that needed care and feeding (except for my African Violets and guppies -- subjects of future posts, to be sure). So now I have a temporary cat. This leads me to ask you, dear readers: what do you do with a borrowed cat?

My list so far includes:

1. Make my own LOL Cats. Have camera, will follow cat around till something funny happens. This could take a while.

2. Spoil cat with liberal applications of cat treats. I have learned in the first half hour that cat responds favorably to bribes. Research note: cat appears to prefer chicken over fish flavor, or perhaps is full.

3. Teach cat about frustration and self-restraint by viewing, but not eating, my guppies. So far, cat has not figured out that guppies are fish, and thus edible. I expect her research to lead her in this direction shortly.

4. Online cat games. To be honest, these don't really appeal to me as I could play them without the actual physical cat around. If I can find something interactive that cat will do, I'm there.

5. Determine whether cat likes corn. Let's let YouTube explain this one:

And, despite that cat looking very much like Emma, it's just some internet cat. I have not attempted to feed Emma any corn yet. Though she is now nudging the foil bag of treats again....

So -- what do you suggest I do with my borrowed cat, Emma? And yes, above she is pictured having a mini-freakout, clawing at a copy of Crime and Punishment.