Mixed (Traffic) Signals


Crossing at the 14th/9th/Hudson intersection reminds me of the Assault challenge on American Gladiators. Except nobody's firing tennis balls at me. And I'm not given any softball grenades. And Larry Csonka is not involved.

OK, maybe that's a bad analogy. But yesterday "“ simply trying to cross the road "“ I was nearly run over, and witnessed several near-accidents. Something was amiss.

That something was the traffic lights.

Armed with a heightened sense of caution and a Canon Digital ELPH, I returned to the scene today.

Am I crazy, or are these signals hopelessly mixed?

redlightgreenlight.jpg /

I don't do too much New York City driving, and perhaps more seasoned vets can better interpret the contrasting lights. (Maybe red and green means yellow. There are a lot of designers in this neighborhood.)

intersection.jpg /

Update: Jim makes a lot of sense. That's probably it. Am I embarrassed I couldn't come up with that on my own? Slightly. But I'd rather be made a fool of on this website than be one of the four cars I watched fly through the red light and nearly get plowed by a bus. (Or ticketed.)