The Great Rock Removal


I am not a scientist or particularly handy. I get by with a little help from my in-laws.

When I asked my father-in-law about disposing of the enormous rock accumulating bacteria-laden water in my backyard, his eyes lit up. An engineer, he immediately drew up plans for destroying the boulder with a combination of extreme heat, extreme cold and a sledgehammer. This sounds fun and dangerous, and if we go this route I'll certainly break out the camcorder.

But before we go and torch the place, I wanted to throw this out to our readers. How would you de-rock your yard? Ours is enclosed by a new fence, so driving in anything larger than a ride-on lawnmower is not possible. "Carrying it" is not an option, for lack-of-strength reasons. And I don't have access to any crane-like machinery. Here's another picture:

big-rock-plus-Bailey.jpg /

The garbage can lid provides size perspective while blocking Bailey's access to the plague-filled liquid.

I'm looking forward to hearing your rock-removal schemes. Whether we go with the fire & ice method or a reader submission, I'll post the potentially disastrous video highlights.