Survival Tips From Popular Mechanics

Chris Higgins

The August issue of Popular Mechanics is all about survival. While much of the content is available only for subscribers, PM provides some key tidbits free via the web. Here's a sample from 18 Extra Crisis Tips:

Tornado Head to your basement. If your home doesn't have one, go to a storm shelter or a neighbor's basement or, at the very least, the lowest floor of your structure. Put as many walls between you and the outside as possible, and avoid corners, windows and doors. Get under a sturdy table and protect your head and neck with your arms. Do not open windows. Make sure you are dressed and have shoes on. It may be hard to find such things after the storm, and you will have to walk through debris. If you're in your car, get out and seek shelter. Do not get under an overpass or bridge; you're safer in a low, flat location.

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If that's not enough for you, it's apparently $12 for a one-year subscription.