When I was in elementary school, it seemed every other homework project involved making a map--either filling one in (capitals, always capitals), or creating one from scratch. I was thinking of trying to draw a map of the world the other day, and luckily found some handy instruction on "how to draw a nice map" (ok, it's meant for fantasy worlds, really, but I'm sure it would carry over to straight-up phenomenal world cartography). Recently, some Shanghai hoteliers were fined for distributing incomplete maps, i.e. maps "failing to show the entirety of China." Are they assuming (warning: far out) the rest of China feels like Uncle Buck felt when he found the wedding photo in which he was neatly folded out of the picture? Or perhaps they're just that precise, and hotels are safe bets for being--I don't know--up to something...enablers of infractions, if not directly involved (see: The Klondiker Hotel Project: Hotels, Crime, and Problem-Solving on the Beat). If you're having issues with how your own area is represented on Google Maps, you can report any errors here.