You think you don't know the brilliant jazz musician, pianist and songwriter, Bob Dorough, but you're wrong. Remember all those funky School House Rock songs? Well guess who wrote about 50 of them?

conjunct.jpgBorn in Cherry Hill, Arkansas, Bob was a product of the G.I. Bill and wound up in NYC taking classes at Columbia and soaking in the jazz scene. Eventually he was approached by School House creator David B. McCall, who came up with the idea for the TV show when he noted that his son couldn't grasp multiplication tables but had memorized Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix lyrics.2005_schoolhouse.jpg

Being a word-nut, "Conjunction Junction" has always been my fav. (Though, my hero is still Zero, naturally.)

You guys have a favorite School House song/memory? Is there one in particular that you still find yourself singing in the shower when you're alone and feeling nostalgic?
Listen to an excerpt of "Conjunction Junction" here