De-Garfed: Modified Garfield Cartoons


Today I shall share one of my favorite little-known links: the De-Garfed Community on LiveJournal. The principle here is to take real Garfield cartoons and remove Garfield's thought bubbles. This simple game leads to a much weirder, deeper, and usually funnier cartoon strip. Here are some examples:

De-Garfed 2
De-Garfed 2 /

It's a simple concept, but so full of joy. Check out De-Garfed and make your own! (And I hereby tag fellow blogger Ransom to chime in with the story of how we used to re-caption Family Circus cartoons in middle school.)

Further Garfield tidbits for today: Is Garfield Dead? (warning: plays a song!), discussion of whether Garfield is dead, and more on the death-strips from Wikipedia. These last few links are via Your Daily Awesome.