Beached limos


It's with a fair amount of chagrin that I admit I've never been inside a limo. I've loitered on the hood of one, briefly, for reasons completely devoid of interesting subtext, and I've stopped next to one at a red light, been simultaneously harassed and cajoled by the passengers teeming out of the sunroof. But when I read reports of limos being beached, I'm a) amused, saddened, and, as a fellow driver, empathetic b) plagued with the urge to ride in one already! I missed the boat at my prom--I sailed in on my Buick Regal. And, well, I guess every other occasion limos could ever be summoned. What are all the occasions, anyway? Weddings and formals, any red carpet hoe-down, I get. But what others? Kids I knew who grew up in NYC used to save up (okay, or not) and rent them just to have a place to hang out away from their parents' pads. Am I in the minority for never having been on one of these joy rides?