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Weekend Word Wrap: the good word from customer service

David K. Israel

Jason had a great post earlier this year about his experience with his cell phone provider's customer service dept. But because we all have to suffer through these kinds of experiences on a weekly basis, I felt enough time had passed that we could revisit the subject.

Now I've had horrible experiences in the past, too. In fact, my DMV story, which went on for—are you strapped in to your seatbelts?—4 years! was so pull-your-hair-out awful, I was almost driven to tears (seriously). And I've heard my fair share of customer service rat-a-tat from the cable company, as well as the local gas company.

But they were all ultimately resolved in my favor; I may have lost sleep and hair, but at least I didn't lose the battles. That is until now.

My land-line phone company, an Internet phone company called seems to have up and rocketed off into the sun and disintegrated. One day I was chatting on the phone to my mom and POOF! "“ the line went dead. When I called customer service from my cellphone, these are the words I was greeted with from the company whose motto is (no lie) "the no-gotchya! phone company": (click here for a recording of the actual recording I heard).
Now I ask you: what am I supposed to do with that? Oh, and you should also know that with these Internet phones, you have the option to prepay for the whole year, which lowers the monthly cost. As it turns out, I recently paid up for another full year!!!! So I guess I'm just out a couple hundred and now have to get a new provider.
Feel free to empathize/sympathize or start your own rant below, especially if you, too, have had your phone line cut by sunrocket. And whatever you do, DON'T believe a word customer service tells you. Ever.