July 30--another full moon (and Blue, in some places of the world)--and another happy birthday for Jason. Because I'm a bit Procrustean, and because I have gypsy blood on my mother's side, I have to say I abide by the adage that full moons summon something in people. Crime increases, it's said, but more than that I think people just find themselves out on the streets, blackout-style, drawn like bits of industrial metal to some invisible lodestone. For instance, I've attended the Little Joy Reading Series for almost two years, and I've always found a full moon to wrangle in more people; predictably, a waning moon seems to distribute agoraphobia more evenly. I haven't kept official stats (have to convince the 'Joy to lend me their abacus), but maybe I will whenever it's grant season again. Anyone else have attendance-related conjectures about full moons?