3 Magazine Mock-ups (we may or may not end up using!)

Mangesh Hattikudur

Every issue, right about this time, we have a little crisis about which magazine cover to go with. Our latest issue - set to hit stands in about 3 weeks - tackles All the Presidents' Secrets, from Teddy Roosevelt turning the White House into a karate dojo, to Richard Nixon's pathetically sweet dating techniques (we'd definitely advise you not to try at home). In any case, I figured I'd place the 3 covers up on the site, and let fans tell us which one they liked. We've already picked one, but we're keeping mum on the subject until it hits stands. In any case, it's quickly turning into one of my favorite issues, and I thought it'd be fun to give you guys a sneak peek...

safe_1_1_1.jpg /