You may remember two months ago, when I noted that a few friends of mine from film school were all set to be on a new Fox reality show called On the Lot. For those of you who haven't seen it (and there are a lot of you out there, according to those Neilsen people), the idea is that a group of up-and-coming directors compete against one another by making short films, and either continue in the competition or don't, depending on the votes they garner. (It's kind of like American Idol, except not as interesting. Oops.) In fact, it's been so unpopular that Fox has been messing with the show almost since it began airing, reducing it from two episodes per week to just one, eliminating multiple contestants at once so that the show will be over sooner, and so on.

adam_b_stein.jpgAnyway, not that I don't believe in the filmmaking prowess of my pals, but lo these many weeks after I announced their competitor-hood -- they were three among eighteen at the time -- I had no idea that two of the three of them would still be around to be in the top five, which now they are. Sam and Adam -- way to go! Far be it from me, normally, to exhort our fair surfers to watch reality TV, or Heaven forefend, participate in its shady voting schemes, but I gotta be honest, it would be really cool if one of them won this thing. The show's on Tuesday nights.