Friday Happy Hour: Book Jacket Blurb Edition

Jason English

A couple weeks back, we held an impromptu book club meeting. This was quite a party. So let's play a little more in that area, with a twist.

For the latest installment in our Friday series, I want to hear you rave. But not long, gushing reviews. Book jacket blurbs. Pretend your favorite author has come to you, arms outstretched, looking for a few kind words. You've only got a sentence or two. What would you say?

This Friday Happy Hour has a slightly higher barrier to entry, like the elaborate costume parties held on dates I pretend I'm busy. But I have faith. In case you were book clubbed out last time around, let's open it up outside the publishing world. Rave about a movie or TV show. A food or restaurant. Or write a blurb about a blog.

Maybe your favorite author (or director, farmer, chef or blogger) will use your pithy praise. You know, sometimes they just make those quotes up.