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Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

It's time for another Tuesday Turnip wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting factoids "turn-up."

Today I typed in "unprecedented record" unearthing the following

  • The film [Seopyeonje] documented the traditional music of Korea with beautiful scenery and became one of those films that every Korean had to see. Just in Danseong Theater, the film was screened for a record-breaking 196 days, attracting 1,035,000 people and becoming the first film to bring in over one million audiences. This record is broken yet again after a few years by director Kang Je-gyu's [Swili]. The film was released around Lunar New Year's Day in 1999 and attracted 2,450,000 audiences just in Seoul, setting an unprecedented record in Korean film history.
  • May 21, 2003--Univision Music Group, the country's leading Latin music label, set a new and unparalleled record in Latin music history with six of the top ten most sold Latin albums in the U.S. and Puerto Rico according to Nielsen SoundScan's latest Report.
  • In a very tight market, one rate record after another was set for offshore vessels this spring. Two Solstad vessels, the "Normand Master" and the "Normand Neptun", set an unprecedented record this decade when they were chartered in April to oil company Total at GBP 65,000 per day.
  • An unprecedented record by any standard, eKur has been able to design over 430 professional websites for Iraqi private and public organizations in a 19 months period.
  • Setting an unprecedented record in having a hit single each year throughout the 90's, singer Mariah Carey cemented her status as a pop diva, joining the likes of Madonna and Whitney Houston.
  • New York Harbor 06/05/07 - The World Record Academy has officially recognized the Brown brothers for their use of "a flats boat - the Intruder 21" in a daring adventure covering (1547 miles) into the open Atlantic Ocean. Their journey started from Atlantic Beach, NC.,April 30, 2007 with with a charted course to Bermuda, arriving May 2nd, then onto New York Harbor using only one boat, "a flats boat - the Intruder 21." This unprecedented record, has a few other unique characteristics - Ralph Brown is the developer of this particular "flats boat "“ the Intruder 21" - From start to finish, this daring challenge was "unescorted" "“ carrying their own fuel and depending upon their own seaworthiness.