mental_floss Takes Manhattan


Lots of exciting stuff going on here at mental_floss. Starting next month, I am coming aboard full time. (Well, it's exciting for me, at least.) Because of this, Mangesh and I need a place to congregate.

With this post, we are beginning our search for office space in New York City. This is one of those "can't hurt to ask" situations. So, to all our New York any square feet to spare?

We're looking for a space we could share with another creative group. Nothing fancy. Just a place to call home and have meetings and hang stuff. We'd add plenty of energy and spice up water cooler conversation. Plus I could bring my Wii in from time to time.

If a handful of mental_floss staffers "“ including the world's twenty-third coolest entrepreneur under thirty "“ would make a great addition to your NY office, let us know! Probably better to send me an email than leave a comment.

* * *

Yesterday, I promised to post a new question each day this week for discussion, to help us all get through the afternoon. (Great responses to the "What are the _flossiest places to live?" query, by the way.) Since "Do you have office space we can use?" is not the kind of question that will prompt a lot of comments, let's try this: In what environment do you do your best work? Maybe you concentrate best in complete silence. Or you feed off noise and chaos. Or you need to work in frigid temperatures. Or, hopefully, something far crazier. Enlighten us.