What's in a name: the sequel

David K. Israel

Thanks again to everyone who sent in baby names a few weeks ago for our son. He was born Monday, early in the morning, and is happy and healthy! But guess what? We still haven't figured out his name. We thought we had it, but then when we met him, we were forced to rethink. So it's not back to the drawing board, but it is back to the rethink-tank.

Max is a frontrunner right now. Max Israel - sorta "then and now" at the same time. If he turns out to be a quantum mechanics expert, Maxwell works. If he winds up being the CEO of the next big technology company or even concertmaster for the New York Phil, Maximilian works. If he winds up being the bat-boy for the Phillies, well there again, Max works, no?

For now, we call him Baby Israel and he just loves mental_floss and thanks you all for helping with the names. He told me to tell you. Honestly. [Middle names being considered: Nathan, Jack, Henry, Charlie, Milo.]

Any Maxes out there who feel like they've been saddled with the most unfortunate name this side of Fielding Mellish? Any Maxes love their names? Anyone have a variation on the Max theme they want to offer?