My New Favorite Thing: The Sound of Young America

Chris Higgins

Following up on yesterday's Coyle and Sharpe podcast recommendation, I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite thing: The Sound of Young America. It's a radio show and podcast (iTunes link) created by Jesse Thorn. Thorn interviews an excellent cross-section of comedians, musicians, writers, and more. What makes the podcast interesting is Thorn's frank, interesting questions, which display a level of familiarity with each artist's work and creative process that's far beyond what you get in most other interviews. It's a little like Fresh Air (which I love), but from a different perspective. One word of warning: there is a bit of coarse language in most of these interviews.

Recent shows have included interviews with Miranda July, They Might Be Giants, Patton Oswalt, Elmore Leonard, Steven Wright, and a whole bunch more.

Also see: a good explanation of what podcasts are and how they work, including various links to subscribe to The Sound of Young America. Superfans may also be interested in The Sound of Young America Classics (iTunes link), a podcast featuring old shows from the pre-podcast era.