Monopoly...Through a very different lens


It's now official: Ridley Scott is doing the Monopoly movie. I'm thinking lots of smoke/dry ice with prodigal/murderous sons. Ridley muses here:

Monopoly is still the most popular board game -- I might be misquoting! -- in the world. So it's really finding the universe for that game. Because clearly it ought to be humorous and for the family -- the funny way it brings out, particularly when your uncle suddenly gets Park Lane and -- in England, we have Park Lane, Mayfair and Barclay Square, what's it in America? Park and Madison? So you watch people change. You're witness to Jekyll and Hyde. Somewhere in that is a hysterically amusing and I think rather exciting film.

Perhaps when Anti-Monopoly finally catches on, David Cronenberg will direct. I'm thinking lots of schizoid monopolists stuck in shame spirals. If anyone wants to attempt the treatment, here are some breakdowns.