Wallpapering one's place of business with headshots is not uncommon in LA. My acupuncturist does it, beloved coffee shops and dry cleaning places do it. And certainly it's not endemic to LA--not always headshots, but signed portraiture in general seems to lend a credibility and intrigue to, say, an Italian restaurant or donut shop competing with all the others down the strip. The Kermit-at-Sardi's scene in Muppets Take Manhattan proves the excellence and fun of this kind of wall display. I'm sure I've been unconsciously swayed by a photo series of headliners from 70s TV all eulogizing the same Penne alla Vodka. And definitely if it's a signed John Candy; that should ensure a lifelong 30-point rating on Zagat. And until I heard about it on NPR, I certainly wasn't aware of the Polaroid-flanked interior of Detroit's Lawndale Market. Looks like my old office at MTV! Or the bedroom I would have loved to have as a kid. Anyone repping Detroit-Metro out there ever frequented this place? Otherwise, I'd be interested to hear of other any other photo-heavy watering holes you want to put on the radar.