9 Really Cool Aquariums


A well-designed and maintained aquarium is a treat for the eye, a conversation piece, and a satisfying hobby. Some are much more than that.

Pieter van Suijlekom's Reef Aquarium is a fantastic saltwater tank system with a total volume of 2074 gallons. Read about the process of building this tank, the equipment used to maintain it, and the fish and other creatures that live in it.

435_fishhighway.jpg /

The Fish Highway

is a water-filled overhead tunnel connecting two (or more) aquariums. As long as no air gets in, fish can travel from one tank to another! For a simpler version, you might try the

Fish Condo

, which is three connected fishbowls.

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, the world's largest cylindrical aquarium holds 900,000 gallons of seawater. It sits in the lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin. Around 2,600 fish call it home!

MFbirdcage2.jpg /

This antique



is an odd pairing, with a birdcage on the bottom and a fishbowl on top. There is a bubble inside the fishbowl, which the bird can rise up into. This achieved the illusion that the bird is in the bowl with the fish!

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The coolness of a normal tank can be enhanced by a clever casemod. Michael Khor

recycled an old


by modifying it to accomodate a fishtank.

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Macintosh computers reused as aquariums are called Macquariums. Here are

five different styles


435_tiki.jpg /

This tiki-themed tank full of piranhas is homemade. The building process, documented with photographs, takes

several pages in this forum

. You can also buy one



MFaquriass.jpg /

There's already water in the bathroom, so what better place for a fishtank? Oliver Beckhert designed the

Aquariass toilet tank aquarium

, with a fishtank in the tank. The aquarium is separate from the flushing tank, so the fish are safe. The

Fish "˜n Flush

is another version of the idea. To complete your bathroom theme, you might check out the

Moody Aquarium Sink


435_AmanoArt.jpg /

The aquarium can be work of art, or it can be the medium for art.



introduced Japanese gardening techniques into aquascaping, turning them into displays of natural art.

I honestly tried to find a Klein bottle fishbowl, but I don't really think that's possible.