Best of the best of the videos

Ransom Riggs

Looking back through the catalog of my year's worth of bloggings -- something like 500 entries; top that, 14-year-old cat-obsessed bloggers! -- patterns emerge. One of the most obvious is that, perhaps unbeknown even to myself, I seem to love music videos. I frequently comb YouTube looking for its best and weirdest to curate here, so it's only natural that I should eventually curate myself, and post the best of the best. (After all, when's the last time you caught yourself snooping around amongst our posts from October '06? Didn't think so.) So without further ado, a little trip down video lane:

Best of the worst music videos ever: "Losing You" by Jan Terri
Jan worked as a limo driver in Chicago and would give copies of the videos to her clients in an attempt to drum up interest in her fledgling singing career. These became cult favorites in advertising and marketing circles for Terri's less-than-stellar singing ability and the videos' amateur production quality. A copy of the video eventually made its way to rocker Marilyn Manson, who was intrigued. He had Terri perform at one of his parties, and was impressed enough with her sincerity to allow her to open for one of his concerts.

Best of genius video mashups: "I Wanna Trek You Like An Animal"
Combines: Nine Inch Nails' provocative "Closer" with clips from Star Trek.
Verdict: It'll make you think about the relationship between Kirk and Spock in a way you never have "¦ and never wanted to.
Fun fact: Your humble flossers are currently working on a video mashup that will put all these to bed without dinner! (Hint: it's about parasites.)
Warning: F-word alert! Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor wants to &^%@ you like an animal, and he's not afraid to say so!

Best music video made for twenty cents: "You Don't Want Yr Nails Done"
The sets and props of Panther's "You Don't Want Yr Nails Done" are made entirely of cardboard. (Warning: one naughty word.)

Best grunge rock video: "In Bloom" by Nirvana
Confession time: this video wasn't included in my list of great grunge rock videos, and upon some reflection (and some pointed comments by our readers), I now realize the error of my ways. The get the Ed Sullivan tone just right -- hard enough in itself -- and seeing uber-grungers Kurt, Dave and Krist so buttoned-up seems to perfectly capture the hypocrisy of pop music, of a popular band's relationship with its fans, and the 50s grit-your-teeth-and-smile aesthetic jives nicely with the lyrics ("He's the one who likes all our pretty songs ... But he don't know what it means.")