Wanted to turn you all on to a pretty cool site I discovered called SongFacts.com. Lots of in-depth trivia about your favorites, including this 10,000-word tome on The Who's "Baba O'Riley" (That's "Teenage Wasteland" to you and me.)

who.gifFor instance, did you know that the name "Baba O'Riley" originates from two of the song's influences; Meher Baba, the Iranian-Indian spiritual leader and Terry Riley, the American minimalist composer? (That would explain that rhythmic synth progression that runs through much of the song.)
Another interesting dip into the Web site brings up some cool factoids on "La Bamba." Turns out, Ritchie Valens couldn't speak Spanish yet this was his biggest hit!

I especially like the extensive, interactive element of the site, where users get to add their own two cents. Check it out now (the funk soul brother).