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HELP!!! Name our New Award and win lots of stuff! (NOTE: Update below)

Mangesh Hattikudur

UPDATE!: Thanks to everyone who entered our "Name our New Award and win lots of stuff!" contest.  The Contest is officially closed now, and we'll be reviewing entires for the next two days. Be sure to check back on Tuesday, when we'll announce the winners.

The November Issue of mental_floss is our very first Awards Issue, where we're paying tribute to all sorts of ridiculousness (Best Reason to Spend $5000 on Underpants, Best Rumor that Turned out to Be True, Most Controversial Piece of Yard Art, etc). The only problem is, we don't have a name for our super coveted Award yet. We've thought about calling it "The Flossies" or "The Mentals" but we'd love something even clever-er"¦ Send in your original ideas in the comments below, and our favorites will win a mental_floss prize pack (and the 2 runners-up will get t-shirts). What are you waiting for? Help us out already!